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No New Posts Introduction

Welcome to Last Resort! Here you will find must-read information about the site, ranging from the plot to the rules.

9 13 Still alive and kicking on our own host!
by Trevor Williams
Dec 21, 2016 0:01:48 GMT -8
No New Posts Members

Members can hang out here and play games, discuss things, reply to activity checks, and more.

Sub-boards: Announcements, Introduction & LOAs, Character of the Month, General, RP Discussion, Games

23 109 Nominations {March '13}
by Trevor Williams
Mar 25, 2013 14:07:28 GMT -8


No New Posts Records

Inside may be found the biographical information for all of LR's characters. Make sure you use the proper form.

Sub-boards: Extra Information, Pending Applications, Accepted Applications, Claims

80 112 Hilliard Hobday
by Deleted
Apr 25, 2013 10:35:39 GMT -8
No New Posts Plotting

Have some sub-plot idea you want to get rolling but need to recruit other players to help with it? Here's the place to do so.

Sub-board: Sitewide Plot

29 182 Flow Chart
by Trevor Williams
Aug 20, 2013 14:43:30 GMT -8
No New Posts Interaction

Are you looking for the board for the Daily Prophet? or perhaps the diaries and journals? How about a place for letters? All of these boards have been moved here.

Sub-boards: News, etc., Diaries & Journals, Communication

28 55 Milo
by Destiny
Apr 4, 2013 10:55:06 GMT -8

Muggle World

No New Posts London

There's a hole in the world like a great black pit and the vermin of the world inhabit it, and its morals aren't worth what a pig could spit, and it goes by the name of London. At the top of the hole sit the privileged few making mock of the vermin in the lonely zoo, turning beauty to filth and greed...
(Sweeney Todd)

Sub-boards: Ministry of Magic, St. Mungo's

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No New Posts Pubs and Clubs

London and its surrounding areas have a variety of pubs, ranging from the Leaky Cauldron to other, more savory places. Of course, one always risks getting into the middle of a fight between football hooligans when going inside some, but many seem not to mind.

Sub-boards: The Leaky Cauldron, The Abby

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No New Posts Puxley Manor

The fact that Trevor uses such a former tourist attraction as his base of operations shows his boldness. He has nothing to hide, so why not? Of course, that doesn't mean there aren't a wide variety of defensive spells around the place to keep out muggles and the unwanted rebellion as well as spells to keep the slaves in. Can't be risking an attack or any escapes, can we?

Sub-boards: Office, Kitchen, Dining Hall, Slave Quarters

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No New Posts Tutaminis Manor

Originally serving as an interim school while Hogwarts was closed, this beautifully designed manor now serves as a safe haven for fugitives from Trevor Williams as well as the headquarters for the new Order of the Phoenix. It is heavily defended, and its location at any point can change as the whole manor is capable of moving.

Sub-boards: The Mazes, The Grounds, Corporum Building, Capitalum Building, The Courtyard

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No New Posts Muggle Villages, etc.

There is more to the muggle world than London. Inside, you can visit places such as Godric's Hollow, various beaches, and other places.

Sub-board: Godric's Hollow

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Wizarding World

No New Posts Hogsmeade

Students still frequent here on various weekends. After all, those who attend have no need to fear a raid, and the Death Eaters have had this small village under their control for some time now.

Sub-boards: The Three Broomsticks, Honeyduke's, The Hog's Head, Other Shops, The Shrieking Shack, Hogwarts Express

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No New Posts Diagon Alley

Diagon Alley, once in ruins, has been reopened to the public on May 13, 2011. Some new and returning storefronts offer a little something for every witch or wizard's needs!

Sub-board: The Hogwarts Express

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No New Posts Knockturn Alley

Knockturn Alley is now all that is left near Diagon Alley. Its tailoring to dark wizards has yet to cease, and it has slowly begun to take over some of the buildings near it from the former Diagon Alley that are still fairly well intact.

Sub-board: Lisovyk Mariska's

4 38 Ringing in the New Year {Open}
by Anne Fernsby
Apr 1, 2013 20:56:30 GMT -8
No New Posts Azkaban

The famous wizarding prison once known for holding well-known Death Eaters now holds prisoners of war as they are questioned, tortured, beaten, and worse. Dementors still hang around, but they are not as bridled as before the takeover.

3 46 What I am, you will become (Trevor)
by Trevor Williams
Mar 20, 2013 11:07:58 GMT -8
No New Posts Wizarding Housing

The homes of the wizarding world range from the eccentric, even absurd, to the more classic and traditional homes. Many are expanded internally by magic to make up for what they lack in size naturally, and many more now have defensive spells up in hopes of protecting themselves from Trevor and his Death Eaters.

Sub-boards: Kara's Flat, Williams' Flat, Cale Manor, Lefcourt Castle, Other

7 135 Denied {Young Jules, then Evie & Casey}
by Trevor Williams
Apr 25, 2013 11:40:58 GMT -8
No New Posts City of Shadows

A maze of sewers, traps, blind labyrinths, darkness, and dangerous beings protects a secret path from the sewer entry in the alleyway behind the Duck and Dagger to the entrance of the A massive stone city lays beneath the sewer system. Designed to look like a wheel, each of the four pie shaped districts points to the hub, where things are indeed centered. Carved above each gate is the phrase, "Abundans Cautela Non Nocet," (abundant caution does no harm) which is the motto of the city. The lighting of the cavern is provided by large, blue, bioluminescent mushrooms.

Sub-boards: Merchant Quarter, Housing Quarter, Werewolf Quarter, Refugee Quarter, Hub of Operations

4 14 Wrong turn // Cedric
by Melissa McCarthy
Dec 24, 2012 4:35:27 GMT -8
No New Posts Other

Magic is a universal occurrence, not a localized incident. Within are various magical communities around the globe from Spain to Japan to the Americas.

Sub-board: ISIS Headquarters

4 77 Laying It All Out (Julian)
by Delilah Chase
Jan 4, 2013 15:13:08 GMT -8


No New Posts Grounds

The grounds of Hogwarts hold many beautiful and intriguing points of interest, some of which students avoid like the plague and others of which they flock to to spend time with friends or spend some time alone to study, draw, or think. The lake spans a vast amount of space, hosting the giant squid, which peeks at tentacle out here or there, earning the awe of the first years; contrastingly, many students view the Forbidden Forest with a sense of foreboding and sometimes use it as a place to make their best mates enter on dares.

Sub-boards: The Black Lake, Courtyard, The Whomping Willow, Quidditch Pitch, Forbidden Forest, Quidditch Games

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No New Posts Foyer

The huge doors of the castle open into the vast foyer. Straight ahead is a grand staircase that leads to the first floor with staircases leading down to the Slytherin commons or the kitchen and Hufflepuff commons. On the right as one enters he will find the Great Hall and to the left is a corridor few ever use.

Sub-board: Great Hall

7 152 Long night // Dresden
by Dresden Faust
Apr 17, 2013 20:38:15 GMT -8
No New Posts Corridors

The corridors of Hogwarts aren't always littered with students, but they are the choice places to host any prank. Peeves the Poltergeist remains a constant threat, and the ghosts of Hogwarts can be met in many places.

Sub-boards: Hospital Wing, Room of Requirement, Library, Classrooms & Offices, Common Rooms

3 59 The Postman
by Rufus Camoynes
Apr 16, 2013 15:13:15 GMT -8


No New Posts Past Sites

All threads of importance will be integrated into the appropriate sub-boards here. Please be patient as this can take some time. Should you wish to help by posting your old threads back and forth with me so your account can be credited with the posts, let me know.

Sub-boards: Order of the Phoenix, Hogwarts: the Last Battle, Hogwarts: a New Time, Shattered Fate

23 35 Back Again
by Trevor Williams
Jun 29, 2012 13:03:26 GMT -8
No New Posts Time Between

This place is primarily to tie things off between SF and LR. However, if you were never part of the originals and would like to establish a past relationship with one of the other characters on here and play out some time at Hogwarts, you may feel free. Just be sure to time stamp your posts so people don't have your character in sixth and their character in it as well when it should be yours in sixth and theirs not even yet in Hogwarts.

8 59 Marital Life // Eric
by Eric Pangbourn
Apr 25, 2013 11:51:37 GMT -8
No New Posts Last Resort

All finished or abandoned RP threads from LR will be moved here upon completion. If you ever need them moved back for any reason, message a staff member!

Sub-boards: Unspecified, 2009 & Earlier, 2010, 2011, 2012, Correspondence

507 10,031 Timeline - 2012
by Teague MacTáil
Dec 31, 2012 15:36:00 GMT -8


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